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Nutritious Notes

Anna Reinwand

Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (RD/CDCES) Anna Reinwand has brought her expertise to OSU Medical Center for an impressive 20 years. Her passion for educating resident physicians, medical students, nurses and patients about diabetes is apparent in the countless lives she has positively impacted.

“I enjoy helping patients better understand the condition and help them feel empowered to manage diabetes. It can be a difficult condition since so many factors can affect blood glucose,” said Anna. “Many patients get overwhelmed, but I can help them take small steps that can add up in the long term.”

Don’t forget the fruit

Anna’s nutritious tip is to eat one to two servings of fruits and vegetables every day. “These foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals that can help fight disease,” said Anna.

“Most Oklahomans do not consume enough fruit and vegetables,” said Anna, “but we know that eating fruits and vegetables daily can help with blood pressure, reduce heart disease risk and manage diabetes.” Additionally, Anna explained that there is little difference between canned, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. If you’re being treated for high blood pressure, Anna advises to choose low-sodium canned food.

Anna also mentioned the inaccuracy of the trends on social media advising people to avoid certain fruits or vegetables due to pesticides. “You would have to eat hundreds of servings per day to get close to a dangerous level of pesticides. Organic produce does not always mean there are no pesticides used, just that there are different pesticide options. Further, organic produce is more expensive, which is a big barrier, and is not necessarily more nutritious,” she said.

To incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, Anna recommends drinking low-sodium vegetable juice, adding lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables to your sandwiches, roasting vegetables for a delicious side dish and trying out new recipes using

Anna’s favorite quick and healthy recipe is pan-roasted veggies. Try your hand at it next time you’re in need of a delicious and nutritious side dish!

Laurels granted

Anna was recently selected as one of three global recipients of the Not Just a Patch grant and aims to use the funds for essential supplies like pen needles and blood glucose test strips and for the purchase of cookbooks full of nutritious options for patient support.

Congratulations, Anna! OSU Medical Center is thankful for your dedication to improving the lives of your patients!

Take control of your health and nutrition today by scheduling an appointment with our skilled professionals at OSU Medical Center. Visit our website or call the physician finder hotline at 918 599-4OSU to get started today!

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Nutritious Notes

Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (RD/CDCES) Anna Reinwand...

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