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Dr. Cornwell: Blending Family And Sports Medicine Together For Better Care.

As a sports and family medicine physician, Dr. James Cornwell spends a lot of time practicing preventative care and preaching the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. For him, and all of our doctors, it’s crucial to spend as much facetime as possible with his patients, not only treating them but educating them on preventative care and how to live a healthier life. With years of sports and family medicine experience at his disposal, Dr. Cornwell blends his knowledge of the two to provide his patients with a holistic approach to healing.

Sports medicine and family medicine actually work pretty well together. A lot of family medicine turns into sports medicine as a lot of complaints that we receive are musculoskeletal—so back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain. And I can easily transition from family medicine into sports medicine, whereas most might have to send out or refer a patient to an orthopedic specialist. I can actually keep that all in house.” – Dr. James Cornwell

Long gone are the days of multiple specialists and a new doctor with every visit. Dr. Cornwell’s versatility and dedication allow you to get the best care—no matter your needs. 

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