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Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

On this Registered Dietitians Day, OSU Medical Center is proud to highlight our incredible team! Here, you’ll meet the crew prioritizing your physical and mental well-being by implementing nutritious diet plans, enriching your daily routines and helping you manage your health conditions.

Anna Reinwand

Anna Reinwand

Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist Anna Reinwand has brought her expertise in nutrition science to OSUMC for 20 years! In that time, she has derived great joy educating resident physicians, medical students and nurses about diabetes. “I enjoy helping patients better understand the condition and help them feel empowered to manage diabetes,” she said.

Anna’s nutritious tip is to eat 1-2 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Here are her suggestions for accomplishing this challenge:

-Drink low-sodium vegetable juice

-Add lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers or other vegetables to your sandwiches

Roast vegetables for a delicious side dish

Anna recently received a grant from Not Just a Patch and plans on using the funds for supplies and cookbooks full of nutritious options for patient support.

Michele Hale

Michele Hale

Michele Hale graduated from OSU with her Master’s in Nutritional Sciences in 2022 and became a registered dietitian that same year.

Michele’s commitment to continued learning is evident in her role as a certified insulin pump trainer for Tandem and Omnipod. She is working hard to obtain her Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) certification, further ensuring her capacity to support patients in managing their health.

Outside of work, Michele enjoys outdoor activities, weightlifting sessions, trying new food and exploring new destinations with her husband.

Arica Lingerfelt

Arica Lingerfelt

Registered Dietitian Arica Lingerfelt completed her undergraduate degree at OSU and earned her master’s from Cal Poly Pomona. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role at OSUMC.

Arica advocates for setting achievable goals, stating that her favorite health tip is to focus on one goal at a time. “Take it easy and start small,” she advises. “You’ll start to see progress as each goal gets accomplished.”

Arica’s go-to snack is popcorn, but she also enjoys preparing healthy mini corndog muffins. Her favorite form of exercise is walking and riding bikes.

Lisa Chain

Lisa Chain

Lisa Chain is among the newest members of the Registered Dietitian family at OSUMC, having begun her journey here in December 2023.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, dietetics and food management and followed her studies with successful internships and clinical rotations before entering the workforce.

Lisa advocates for the incorporation of healthy food into one’s diet rather than strict elimination. She satisfies her sweet tooth with apples and dried mango and recommends adding cheese slices for a savory twist!

Teddy Thomas

Teddy Thomas

Teddy Thomas completed her food and nutrition undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University in 2004 before earning her master’s from Bowling Green State University.

Her career has led her to various dietetic roles, such as critical care access in rural Montana, where she became the program director for Outpatient Diabetes Education. In this role, Teddy worked with an Endocrinologist to expand Telehealth to rural Montana.

Teddy moved to Tulsa in 2022 and continues her passion for renal dietetics at OSU OP Hemodialysis. She leads the clinical dietitian team, working with the executive leadership to expand initiatives for food insecurity and support her fellow dietitians. Teddy loves to explore the outdoors, ride bikes, hike and walk her dog, Monti.

Lance Brooks

Lance Brooks

Lance Brooks is the latest addition to the Registered Dietitian team at OSUMC. Lance started working at OSUMC during the first week of March and is working with the outpatient Hemodialysis team to assist patients with meeting their nutrition needs.

Lance graduated from San Diego State University with his bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition in 2016 and has since worked in behavioral health and acute care within the state of Colorado. Lance recently moved to Oklahoma to be closer to family and has since discovered an appreciation for Tulsa’s closeness and community-oriented culture.

Outside of work, Lance enjoys spending time with his partner and their two mini-Australian shepherds. Lance loves exploring hiking trails and running.

Visit the Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Education website or call 918-599-5946 to learn more about the various services and educational opportunities available.

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