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LifeShare Organ Donation

Testimony: Making this decision has had a beautiful impact in our lives. Everyone we've dealt with from OSUMC and LifeShare has had such sincerity, kindness and compassion in helping with our family's grief. When we eventually found out who received one of his organs and to hear they are recovering well was the ultimate satisfaction for us. I've been very happy with the whole process.

- Luther Flanagan, January 2017

OSU Medical Center


We picked OSUMC for the delivery of our fourth child. Being able to stay in the same room from labor, birth and recovery was a major appeal to me. It was also close to my husband's medical school. I was wheeled right in and didn't have to wait. The nursing staff was spectacular. They accommodated my request for a laid back birth. They were reassuring and said all the right things. They knew what I wanted and the tone matched the mood. It was perfect.

- Christie and Joshua Foster, February 2017

OSU Medical Center


Shemirah Benson wasn't expected to deliver her fourth baby girl early, but when she started to go into labor. She was frightened to discover her baby had turned breech and had a cord wrapped around her neck. Shemirah had a successful delivery. "Everyone is so helpful. The nurses explained to me what was happening so I wouldn't be afraid. The focus was on the baby. I felt so relieved by the care we were both receiving during the delivery and after. She's become very spoiled. I chose to come to OSUMC because I was born here in 1983 and I wanted my last baby to be born at the same hospital I was. I can't say enough good things about the staff. Everyone is so friendly from people in the hallway to the nurses. I love it here. If I ever have more I'll be back. And I'm telling everyone to come here."

- Shemirah Benson, January 2017

OSU Medical Center


Shamari Guess delivered a healthy baby boy, Antonio, here on January 18. Her doctor recommended OMM treatment due to head molding issues. Dr. Thai and his team treated the baby for cranial molding, some tightness and sinus pressure. "Before the treatment, he was pretty fussy and having troubles breathing," she said. "After he worked on him I noticed he slept really good overnight and hasn't been crying much. He’s not as fussy. I'm really glad he had it done."

- Shamari Guess, January 2017