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Thank A Resident Day 2024

The last Friday of February marks Thank A Resident Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the hard work and dedication of medical residents everywhere. As one of the largest osteopathic teaching facilities in the nation, OSU Medical Center is proud to host over 230 incredible future physicians honing their skills alongside some of the state’s best doctors. With such talent, our hospital has countless residents to be thankful for! Here, we highlight just a few of these exceptional individuals.

Corbin Walters, D.O.

Corbin Walters, D.O.

Meet Corbin Walters, a second-year Internal Medicine resident at OSU Medical Center.

After working in the pharmaceutical industry as a sales representative, Walters decided to pursue medicine. “I had the opportunity to work with physicians and hear about the life-changing benefits the medication I was marketing had on their patients,” said Walters. “This made me want to experience this for myself and serve a higher purpose to patients and society.”

Walters stated that the most rewarding aspects of his residency are the relationships he’s forged with both patients and colleagues. “The ongoing pursuit and acquisition of medical knowledge and the application of this knowledge to better the lives of others has also been incredibly rewarding,” said Walters.

Juggling the demands of residency is no easy feat, Walters stated, maintaining that all residents can attest to this fact. “However, my foundation is my relationship with my wife and daughter who keep me grounded and keep things in perspective,” he said.

In Walters’ spare time, he enjoys playing golf with his co-residents, barbecuing, and consuming all the sports he can.

Farzeen Syed, D.O.

Farzeen Syed, D.O.

Third-year Internal Medicine resident Farzeen Syed draws inspiration from both her family history and personal experience. Her grandfather’s role as the first surgeon in his village in India, coupled with the loss of her father to pancreatic cancer, influenced her decision to pursue medicine.

“This experience transformed my motivation into purpose,” Syed stated. “I learned that being a physician entails caring not only for the patient but also for the entire community affected by illness. Medicine, with its blend of service, science and human interaction, ultimately became the perfect fit for me.”

During her residency, Syed finds that the close relationships she forges with patients and their families are immensely rewarding. Additionally, she cherishes her colleagues and their common goal of improving health and quality of life.

“Being part of the residency group at OSU provides opportunities for autonomy,” explained Syed, “enabling me to develop my own approach and style as a physician.” Syed has found that this autonomy, combined with the support and collaboration of her cohorts, has fostered an environment where she can become the physician she aspires to be.

Most residents can attest to the challenge of navigating the demands of residency alongside personal life. For Syed, understanding the importance of self-care and making the most of her downtime is crucial. “During my busier months/rotations, I love nothing more than snuggling up with my dog and a heated blanket,” she shared. “However, during other times, I like pretending I’m an amateur foodie, trying new restaurants and cooking up new recipes.”

Syed also finds great joy in hosting her friends for board game nights and goes hiking or traveling whenever the opportunity arises.

Phil Ridgway, D.O.

Phil Ridgway, D.O.

Third-year Family Medicine resident Phil Ridgway describes his motivation to pursue medicine as a calling from God to help people in the most challenging way he could. Inspiration from his grandmother, Dr. Cynthia Pfeifer-Hill, and encouragement from his parents gave Ridgway the push he needed to pursue his passion.

“The most rewarding aspect of my time with the OSU Family Medicine Residency has been the fantastic opportunities to refine and polish my medical skills before starting my career in earnest,” Ridgway shared. “I have especially enjoyed the challenges and leadership opportunities that have come with being a chief resident this last academic year.”

Further, Ridgway considers the professional relationships and friendships he has developed during residency to be a blessing he will always cherish.

Balancing work and personal life poses significant challenges for residents, but Ridgway and his wife, Cassie Ridgway, who are both in the same class of residency in family medicine, help set boundaries that work for each other. “Residency is for honing all skills including managing a work-life balance. Developing this skill is crucial for success following graduation,” he emphasized.

In his spare time, Ridgway enjoys socializing with friends and co-residents, playing board, card or video games together. Ridgway also indulges his love for reading, making his way through all of the recommendations he’s been getting, both for books on the medical field as well as science fiction and fantasy novels.

Katie Mettler, D.O.

Katie Mettler, D.O.

Fifth-year General Surgery resident Katie Mettler was born and raised in Colorado, but she moved to Oklahoma during her senior year of high school to help her family care for her grandmother who was battling pancreatic cancer. She attended the University of Oklahoma for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees and Oklahoma State University for medical school. “My husband and I now consider ourselves ‘Okies’ and plan on staying in Oklahoma,” she said. Solidifying their decision to stay is Mettler’s recent agreement to stay on as faculty with OSU General Surgery.

Mettler has always loved working with her hands. Her innate “I can fix anything” attitude was cultivated from a young age, making her fascination with surgery a natural fit. “I loved being able to combine my passion for medicine with the tangible ability to solve problems,” Mettler said.

Each day in residency presents new challenges, but Mettler finds the connections she makes with patients and their family members to be most rewarding. She uses her passion for surgery to guide patients through some of the scariest times in their lives, providing compassionate care. “I try to treat each patient as if they were my own family and help them understand disease processes and treatment plans,” she said.

Beyond patient care, Mettler also enjoys teaching medical students and helping them navigate their surgical rotations. “To see a medical student or a junior-level resident progress and learn a new skill is very gratifying,” she stated.

Outside of work, Mettler enjoys spending time with her husband and their friends and families. “We love to fly-fish, hike, camp and spend time with our dogs, Sadie and Joey.”

When you’re ready to take the next step in your healthcare journey, OSUMC’s team of skilled physicians and residents are here for you. Visit our website or call the physician finder hotline at 918 599-4OSU to schedule an appointment. Experience their careful expertise firsthand!

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